Preparing You For ISO Certification

  • We undertake comprehensive reviews of clients' sys- tems and procedures. We create our gap analysis to let us know your current areas of non-compliance.
  • This will be used to create the necessary documentation to define the requirements for ISO compliance.
  • We assist and work with the client to bridge the gap and put up controls and documentation that will help meet the ISO requirements. This will include your man- agement system manual and set compulsory procedures for the Standard(s) concerned, as well as associated forms to assist compliance.
  • Our experienced auditors are on hand to assist with training to ensure the system is understood and working correctly.
  • When there's familiarity with the system, and after compliance has been achieved, we mutually arrange with the client to carry out an audit of the management system.
  • Once any non-conformance arising from the audit has been rectified, the accredited certification will be issued, and registered with the appropriate accreditation body.
  • The certificate is valid for one year during which time the client is required to maintain and regularly audit their management systems as set .
  • An annual surveillance audit is required for continued certification and our team of auditors are on hand to support you.